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Ok. This is what I remember.

I was in grade one. I was walking home from school. Normally, I walked home with Cass, but her mom had picked her up for a doctor's appointment. (I don't actually remember that, but I've seen and heard the police reports enough, and Cass remembers that part quite well. I just know that I was walking home alone, and that Cass wasn't with me.)

So, I was walking home from school. Alone. For about the fifth time ever, not that I was scared or anything. It was just a little weird. But I was a big boy and though the night was gonna be a little lonely because usually the two of us hung out together until suppertime, I thought I'd get home and do just fine all by myself.

Of course, that was before the shit hit the fan.

So, I was about halfway home. Walking on the sidewalk of Ferris Street (I think), when a van came up beside me. It was big, it was dark -- a black van. I think the windows were tinted, at lesat in the back.

It stopped, just in front of me, on the road. The van door opened, there were three or four men inside. Grown men. One of them... one of them came out and grabbed me.

From there, I remember faling asleep, and waking up dead. In Cass' bedroom.

She screamed, I screamed because she was screaming. Her mom only heard her. That was the first sign that I was gone.

And then there was my mother coming in, distraught. That... was heart-wrenching. I wanted to tell her that I was right here! And I tried! ...but that's about when I learned that, while I was solid to Cass, and to furniture... most other people couldn't see me. And if I couldn't be seen, I could be gone through. Trust me. I never want to see my mom's spleen again.

Discoveries kept coming after that. I can't leave the house, even if I try. And trust me, we tried. Including once involving rolling luggage.

I'm tied to Cass just as much as the house -- I need her around to survive. One day of school is fine, but if she was away for, like, a couple days at camp, I felt weak, could feel myself fading. To be honest? That still freaks me out every time.

I don't need-need food, but I can injest it. I don't need-need other products, but I like blue hair gel.

Sadly, not as much was learned about what happened.

My body? It remains unfound. My captors -- my killers? Unknown. No one believed Cass when she said I was here. And so we both knew I was dead. But the search went on for months -- there's still missing child signs around, though hope has pretty much died. Cass stopped talking to her mom about me, because her mom was starting to think she was crazy.

And, for us, life, whatever this is, goes on.