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Reincarnation. Ghosts. The things that remain, and the things that don't.

Are there rules to it all?

What if we are bound to certain people? To our soulmate, or soulmates, in a way that lasts beyond our physical bodies? In ways that are directly soul to soul, wound together in inexplicable and wonderful ways, like the red threads of legend.

Is it possible that we carry the same bonds from life to life, assuming that there is a "life to life" at all? Is it possible that the bonds can be so tight that one cannot carry on until all those attached are ready as well?

If so, I'm here because she is. I'm aging because she is. She can see me, because the bond allows her to. This is my home only because it is hers.

That still doesn't explain why I can't leave, though most I've "met" like me can. It would only explain why I can't move on. Though I'm still not sure I want to. And for all I know, that's all it is, too.

Real death is scary, ok?

So what happens when she dies? Am I dooming her to a short life, because mine was curtailed so early? Or will she still have her full natural life, despite me? Can I "last" that long?

Am I in her way? Am I dooming her to a lonely and unfulfilling life?

But what if it really is the house that I'm attached to, at the end of the day? How long until she's committed, or decides she wants real companionship, or she has to move because the house falls into decay? What will happen to me then? Will I be able to survive?

Can this even be called survival?

New theories gives new food for thought. It's annoying that there is no real way to prove or disprove anything, and both remember it and not put anyone's lives at risk needlessly.

I wish there were answers to my questions. Instead, there only ever seems to be more questions and frustrations.
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