Jan. 23rd, 2011

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#1) I'm dead, but alive. Aging, living, but not corporeal.

#2) She's the only one that can see me. Or touch me. I have no clue how this works, but it's true. Others have walked through me. But she'd just bump into me if she tried.

#3) I'm bound to the house. Why here, when I'm... pretty sure it didn't happen here and that my--um, nothing's here, I don't know. I wonder if I'm bound to her, which would explain #2, but then, she can leave the house and I can't.

#4) I can blog. Obviously. (Mom still won't believe that. But then, there's, like, nothing I could tell her that she hasn't said about me already, so it'd be really hard to prove it.)

#5) Sooner or later, hopefully someone realizes that yes, that hair gel is being used, and that she's not wasting her money on it. (...what happens to that stuff is another question that I don't have answer to. I mean... if I'm using it, does it become... like me? How the hell would that work? But then, if it doesn't, why can't anyone else feel it or see it?)

#6) One of these days, we're gonna have to breach all the uncomfortable topics again. And we're both gonna hate it.

#7) One of these days, I've got to figure out a way to do something to make it all up to her.


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